Services & Capabilities

TBG specializes in the identification and acquisition of U.S. and Overseas facilities and assets for reutilization by the government. TBG provides management, technical, consulting, and engineering support to government customers. Our team will assist with strategic planning, process creation and implementation. We assist in providing direction and greater communication among our partnering teams. We create a custom scope for each project to ensure it is completed on schedule and meets budget requirements.


  • Project/Acquisition Planning, Execution, and Delivery
  • Integration Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Budget Management
  • Communications and Decision Management
  • Process Development
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Procurement and Logistics Management
  • System Engineering Support
  • Technical Documentation Support
  • Program Security Support
Project Management Process


TBG manages the full lifecycle process from identification to delivery
  • Identification and Acquisition
  • Negotiation
  • Project Planning
  • Schedule and Budget
  • Project Execution
TBG supports multiple government agencies in the execution of programmatic life-cycles
  • Program Planning
  • Budget and Schedule
  • Resource Management
  • Procurement and Logistics support
  • Risk Mitigation
TBG provides senior level organizational management support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
  • Policy
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Planning